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Frenchie Adventure Dog Life Vest

Frenchie Adventure Dog Life Vest

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Frenchie Adventure Dog Life Vest

Embark on exciting water adventures with your Frenchie and our Frenchie Adventure Dog Life Vest. Designed for safety and enjoyment, this high-quality life vest features waterproof Oxford cloth and polyethylene foam construction, offering durability and buoyancy during aquatic activities.

Key Features:

  1. Safety First, Fun Always: With our sturdy and convenient handle, you can easily assist your Frenchie in and out of the water, ensuring their safety while adding an extra element of fun to your adventures.

  2. Perfect Fit for Every Frenchie: Choose from our range of 6 sizes (XS-XXL) to find the ideal fit for your Frenchie. Measure your pup's bust with a soft ruler to determine the right size. When in doubt, opt for a larger size to guarantee a comfortable fit.

  3. Embrace the Thrill: Our Frenchie Adventure Dog Life Vest is designed to enhance the excitement of water activities while prioritizing safety. However, please remember to supervise your furry friend at all times when near water.

Exciting Size Options:

XS: Back Length: 20CM / 7.9 inches, Chest Girth: 34-40CM / 13.4-15.7 inches, Neck Girth: 29-32CM / 11.4-12.6 inches, Weight: 1-6KG / 2.2-13.2 lbs

S: Back Length: 27CM / 10.6 inches, Chest Girth: 42-52CM / 16.5-20.5 inches, Neck Girth: 30-35CM / 11.8-13.8 inches, Weight: 6-8KG / 13.2-17.6 lbs

M: Back Length: 33CM / 13.0 inches, Chest Girth: 52-62CM / 20.5-24.4 inches, Neck Girth: 38-45CM / 14.9-17.7 inches, Weight: 8-22KG / 17.6-48.5 lbs

L: Back Length: 40CM / 15.7 inches, Chest Girth: 60-70CM / 23.6-27.6 inches, Neck Girth: 45-50CM / 17.7-19.7 inches, Weight: 22-28KG / 48.5-61.7 lbs

XL: Back Length: 45CM / 17.7 inches, Chest Girth: 70-80CM / 27.6-31.5 inches, Neck Girth: 50-60CM / 19.7-23.6 inches, Weight: 28-40KG / 61.7-88.2 lbs

XXL: Back Length: 50CM / 19.7 inches, Chest Girth: 80-90CM / 31.5-35.4 inches, Neck Girth: 60-70CM / 23.6-27.6 inches, Weight: 40-50KG / 88.2-110.2 lbs

Gear up your Frenchie with our Frenchie Adventure Dog Life Vest and dive into unforgettable aquatic escapades together!

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