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550ml Folding Travel Water Bottle for French Bulldogs

550ml Folding Travel Water Bottle for French Bulldogs

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🐕 Pull up to open the spout. Press down to seal without leakage

🐕 Align the silicone stopper with the arrow when using. Convenient to speed up the flow of water, excess water can be better backflow

🐕 Food-grade silicone, take care of the health of love pets: made of food-grade silicone + PP material, resistant to falling and beating

🐕 Safe material, smooth surface: mother and baby grade material, ensure healthy and lively pets

🐕 Compact and cute, easy to carry: small and exquisite

🐕 No waste of water: stand the cup upright to recycle the water.🐶 Soft silicone, foldable storage, more space-saving(1. Turn the silicone sleeve downwards;2. Fold the water bottle from bottom to top;3. Tie the water bottle with a string.)

🐶 Large calibre sinks ,550ml capacity,Sealed and leak-proof,Foldable design

🐶 Small size and large capacity, walking water dispenser, to meet the daily outing of the pet drinking water, not afraid of no water to drink!

🐶 Large calibre drinking trough, drinking without constraints, the internal fit dog oral structure, so that the love of the pet drinking without obstacles more comfortable

🐶 Portable lanyard, carry it on the go, easy to carry outside, the lanyard is detachable, easy to hang at home

🐶 Can be detached to clean, refuse to hide dirt, each accessory can be detached, cleaning more in place

-Material: food grade silicone

-Colour: Light grey

-Weight: about 179g

-Capacity: 550ml/19Floz

-Silicone sleeve folded size: 106x95x171mm

-Size: 96x90x255mm (before folding); 141x81x81mm (after folding)






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