Transform Your Stubborn Frenchie into an Obedient Genius!

Transform Your Stubborn Frenchie into an Obedient Genius!

Transform Your Stubborn Frenchie into an Obedient Genius!


Anyone who's met a French Bulldog knows they pack oodles of personality into a compact frame. But when it comes to training, that strong personality can mean a stubborn streak. Never fear, though — with the right approach, even the most willful Frenchie can become an obedient genius. Take it from me and Freddie, my Frenchie, who turned from a sofa-hogging rebel into a star pupil.

The Art of Training Your French Bulldog

Best Training Methods for French Bulldogs

Frenchie's respond well to positive reinforcement. The trick is to make them think it's all their idea. When I started training Freddie, I used his favourite treats to guide him through commands. He thought he was just having a snack-fest ! Meanwhile, he was learning to sit, stay, and come.

Consistency is Key

Like many Frenchie's, Freddie had his moods. I learned that keeping a consistent routine was crucial. Training at the same time each day helps establish a pattern that Frenchie's, despite their sometimes capricious nature, will follow.

Socialisation: The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Introducing Freddie to new experiences early on helped him become the sociable Frenchie he is today. From puppy classes to dog parks, socialisation is a must for a well-rounded Frenchie.

Overcoming Training Challenges

Patience with Potty Training

Potty training was our Everest. Frenchie's can be slow to housebreak, but with patience and regular trips outside, Freddie got the hang of it. Celebrating the small victories was key!

The Magic of Mental Stimulation

French Bulldogs might not need hours of running, but their brains crave a challenge. Puzzle toys and hide-and-seek games became a staple for keeping Freddie's mind sharp. Freddie has a sort of make shift garden, which is basically a load of fabric intertwined together. We stuff treats in-between it, to keep him engaged.


Training a French Bulldog might test your patience, but it's also a road to a deep bond. The journey with Freddie taught me as much about myself as it did about him. With love, treats, and a dash of cunning, your Frenchie will be impressing your friends with their smarts in no time.

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